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Pelvic pain is a common complaint among women during pregnancy and after childbirth. It can be a trying experience. Pelvic pain can occur for a variety of reasons, with the following being the most common during such period:
  • Relaxin hormone: During pregnancy, the body produces a hormone called relaxin that helps to relax the ligaments in the pelvis. This can cause the joints in the pelvis to become more flexible, which can lead to pelvic pain.
  • Pressure on pelvic area: As the baby grows, the pressure on the pelvic area also increases, which can cause pelvic pain.
  • Delivery: During delivery, the pelvic muscles and ligaments may become stretched or torn, leading to pelvic pain.
  • Postpartum healing: After delivery, the body goes through a healing process, and the pelvic muscles and ligaments may take time to heal, causing pelvic pain.

Pelvic pain can be difficult to manage during pregnancy and after childbirth, but there are ways to manage and reduce the pain, such as exercise, adequate rest, heat or cold therapy, massage therapy, and medications. Magnetic chair therapy, which employs high-intensity magnetic stimulation technology, has been shown to alleviate pelvic pain after childbirth.

If you are in severe pain or if the pain is interfering with your daily life, you must consult your doctor. You can relieve your discomfort and enjoy your pregnancy and motherhood journey with the right management techniques.

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StarFormer® IntimaWave® treatment uses non-invasive HITS™ technology to strengthen, tone, and firm pelvic floor muscles, effectively treating weakness.


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